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CPD help CPD have added a feature on their sites that creates and keeps a training portfolio direct from your ProTrainings student login page.  It is important to keep a training portfolio to track and prove your training and CPD. With this new feature, you can add any existing training that you have and experience and the courses you take though ProTrainings either as online blended or direct with a ProTrainings approved instructor nationally are automatically added to your portfolio.

This will make CPD help much better. Tracking your CPD has always been hard and keeping it in one place will make it easier to manage and know when you need to renew or take more CPD. ProTrainings offer a massive range of different CPD subjects to choose from.

Your basic contact details are filled in already for you and  you can add the training completed outside ProTrainings then save the document.  You can then download or print it to prove your training.  At anytime you can come back and edit it if you complete another course outside the ProTrainings network. Keeping a log of your CPD will allow you to have one place where your training is logged which can be used to prove your CPD help where you need it.  This will give you a much easier way of tracking CPD.

If you do not have or cannot find your ProTrainings login, please email support@protrainings.uk and we will send it to you. If you are not currently using ProTrainings training systems and you would like to know more about completing your CPD as video online, blended or face to face training, call 01206 805359 and they will be able to plan training and CPD for you or for your company. ProTrainings give you CPD Help in many ways to work around your busy schedule.

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